Silent Screams.


They call 3am the “Witching Hour”, where demonic spirits mock the Holy Trinity and run rampant, actively and openly performing a bulk of their work on human beings.

But I’m sure the watches of the demons around my house are  still set on daylight savings time.

2 am.
Screaming. (Male voice)




My heart bleeds for the woman upstairs…

I have never met her, nor have I ever laid my eyes upon the features of this mysterious woman on the second floor. I am told she is young, and lives with her boyfriend, who looks to be in his mid-twenties; a man with a quiet demeanor and non-threatening countenance. So if that’s the case, how is anyone supposed to know that he pounds the fists attached to his calm-and-collected being onto her fragile and lightly fragranced flesh?

Phone dial.
2 Minutes.
No sirens.
Silent police.
Screaming stops.

One question penetrates the calm summer nights air…

“What’s going on here?”

“Nothing”… The first sound I hear coming from this mysterious woman… Never once did I hear her scream whilst her boyfriend was beating her… I’m sure she was speaking softly to him, attempting to dissolve the situation.

My mother lays her face into her hands… then looks up.

“Aldavina, I am afraid that could be you someday…”

I pray that day will never come.

You see, we as females are more in tuned with our emotions than men are. We are, in total essence, emotional beings. We as women are more inclined to endure even the most deathly of blows from a man as long as he whispers a sweet, tear stained apology into our ear the minute after. Whether we know it or not, many women have a sort of Consequentialist type of mentality, where we implicitly believe that it’s basically okay for our men to beat us, as long as they feel bad about about it later, and produce one good act to counteract the act just produced (i.e. buy flowers, send you chocolates, take you out on a date, promise they’ll never do it again… etc.) because after all, they are sorry-


I’ve learned a bit about myself during the most strenuous experiences during this past year, and one thing that I have learned is that I am a compulsive fixer- so it is in my nature to try to “fix” what I see is out of place. So, naturally, I began looking- or I should say, I am CURRENTLY looking for ways to get myself to a place where I can cross paths with this woman. I’ve thought about, and revised over and over again what I would say to her:

– Often times, we live in dysfunction for so long that we become used to it, and thus become attracted to it, because it’s all we know. Because of this, many of us mistake lust for love, thus recognize lust AS love, and here lies the greatest of all dangers. Because now, not only do we live in dysfunction today, but if we do not pry ourselves from this mindset, it will infiltrate its way into all of our future relationships. You’ll be attracted to the waving red flags that were once intended to warn you off from a dysfunctional situation… Like a fragile moth to a burning bulb…-

But what I have to realize is that it’s not my place to say anything to her about her life. After all, it isn’t my business, and I have no right to tell someone else how to live their lives, right?

To heck with that mentality. Y’all already know that I always call things out the way I see it, and if she goes as far as cussing me out because I got into her business, WELP. SO BE IT. Because her safety and her life is more important to me than being afraid of any kind of response that she may have to my concern and love for her. I might be able to plant a seed within her, that will get her to reflect on her current living situation and whether or not she wants to continue living that way.

So I pray for a Divine Appointment… and I await to see the face of this scarred, trapped, and lightly fragranced woman…


Man, if y’all know someone who is being abused, or if you are being abused yourself, I’m going to need you to call this number:

National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−SAFE (7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224

If you don’t know what domestic violence is all about, please feel free to visit:
The National Domestic Violence Hotline 


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